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CR Studio


Cynthia Rowley has always enjoyed being active. She said that the weekend before her presentation she’d rushed from the city to Montauk to go surfing (it’s an activity she has a well known love for). This season, she emphasized leading an athletic lifestyle in a collection that hit on her signature pretty-yet-tough aesthetic. For the presentation, Rowley held an open casting call for female roller skaters to perform in the clothing. The collection, like the format, was lively. Women of various different body types, ages, and races stepped out—well, rolled out—in the looks. There were some of the expected dresses that didn’t break new ground but were still cheerful, like a tiny baby doll number that was patch-worked with bandana-type floral prints. Also in the mix was a short slinky black slip that could have worked as lingerie. Rowley’s more boyish pieces, such as the oversize shirts based on Cuban guayaberas and camp shirts, were hits. They came in midnight blue and various blown-up floral prints. The best version exemplified Rowley’s tough-pretty angle; it was a boxy red button-up that was delicately embroidered with white flowers and paired with lawn green gingham flares.

Still, what Rowley does best are her surf and swim pieces. Most of her customers have been using her rash guards as shirts or bodysuits post-summer. This time, lightweight neoprene came as a super sexy zip-up mini tube dress that Rowley deemed “indestructible.” It’s machine washable and air-dries fast—a win-win for going-out dressing.

While this collection was fun and embraced real women enjoying themselves, Rowley followed the standard model format for her lookbook. She could have benefited from using the good-vibes skaters at her presentation today instead. After all, they looked stellar while breaking a sweat and putting the kicky, lace-trim cycling shorts to work.