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Cynthia Rowley NYFW Presentation

Cynthia Rowley’s latest presentation is a love letter to New York City. A short film shot on location amongst some of New York’s iconic restaurants, the narrative captures the spirit of resilience shared by New Yorkers time and time again through citywide hardships. Nearly every restaurant throughout the boroughs have had to create outdoor dining build-outs in order to survive the past year, and in Cynthia Rowley’s film they have become the backdrop of a fashion homage to her long-time home. Taking place during the Spring/Summer 2021 season of New York Fashion Week, the presentation hopes to highlight the beauty that can come from tribulations, featuring dancers doubling as models and a staple of the community - local band East Village All Stars. The short film premieres on the CFDA’S new platform RUNWAY360 on September 16th, at 3PM EST.
The collection highlighting 20 looks features a variety of signature and new styles by Cynthia Rowley, mixing styles that normally would be shown during different times of the year as the brand makes a move towards a completely seasonless model. The collection explores the intersection of style and functionality with delicate cotton and cashmere tanks and sweaters, comfort-driven sweatshirts styled with Rowley’s classic dresses, and ‘bonded’ pant styles - a merging of a fitness pant and formal trousers. Signature wetsuits and swim, less common at the end of summer, also make an appearance through creative styling -  proving to be more versatile than seasonally functional. The selection will also be styled with silk scarves in new prints and very aptly conceptualized eyewear with rose tinted lenses. The collection will also see the introduction of sneakers from Rowley, in both a low and high-top style - further embodying the elevated comfort concept. Moving forwards a shortened delivery cycle, the new Cynthia Rowley collection will also be available for purchase within the month of being shown.
Embracing change and newness, the collection hopes to communicate that New York City will always be a place worth celebrating, especially when it’s done in style.