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CR Studio

Sustainable Surf & Swim


Our wetsuits and neoprene swim styles are made using green technology, reducing our environmental impact. By substituting petrochemicals with earth-mined limestone neoprene and recycled materials, water resources are conserved and our carbon footprint is significantly reduced. 


Our polyester yarn is made from plastic bottles — with approximately forty-five recycled bottles going into each swim piece! And by avoiding a traditional dying process in favor of dope-dying (infusing dye pigments into a molten plastic solution), we save water and reduce pollution.

Because 5000 kg of neoprene waste is generated every year, our neoprene is made from as much recycled material as possible, using carbon black (a key ingredient of neoprene) that has been pyrolyzed from scrap rubber tires, drastically reducing energy consumption and cutting CO2 emission. 


We also use water-based glue rather than traditional solvent-based laminating glue, eliminating harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Pretty cool, huh?

We are proud to create eco-friendly products that can be enjoyed across oceans world-wide. Dive into our Earth-friendly surf and swimwear! 


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Byron Printed Wetsuit

Kalleigh Colorblock Swimsuit - Extended Sizes Available

Ryder Wetsuit

Victoria Wetsuit